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Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe that now I live in NYC, I think now I have a lot of feelings, nervous but at the same time so excited and happy to stay here living my dream.

First, I would like to talk about the process of my home search. If you don’t have friends who lived before this adventure, it’s difficult for you to know about the requirements for renting an apartment in the City. In my case, I was so lucky because I have a couple of friends who moved years ago, and they told me about this process. If you want to rent an apartment only for you, it’s a difficult process and you need to invert a lot of money (almost 3 months for rent).  I looked at some places before I moved here, and I did different appointments for visiting the apartments, but in NYC the rents are so fast, one day you can see an available apartment but the next day it’s unavailable, and many brokers canceled my appointments.

I recommend that if you have friends here, you can ask them if you can live a few days and start your home search after you are here. If you don’t have one, you can book one month in an Airbnb. You can use webs like Streeteasy and Zillow for your home search. If you are searching to share an apartment that will be easier, because in that case don’t need a lot of paper and a credit score, probably only a deposit, I recommend Roomies, Nooklyn, or Facebook groups NYC Rooms for rent.

In my case, fortunately, I did a good friend on the Go Portfolio Pro, My friend Ines moved here a few months before me. She sent me a contact who rents a beautiful room and I moved immediately on the weekend one day before that I start my new job. All this process was so fast but I am so glad to have a new home so beautiful, cozy, and near the station and 35 minutes from my office.

I hope that these tips would be helpful to you and find a new home soon.

Manhattan from Williamsburg

Giovanna Gómez


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