Summer in Manhattan
Crowds flock to the immense Sheep Meadow lawn in the heart of Central Park on a warm summer afternoon with the midtown Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. (Photo taken on June 02nd, 2007)

Learning Experience

It has now been a little more than tree month now since I joined the WORKac team in New York City. the experience has been really positive so far, I have been tremendously gaining and learning from it. I now have more abilities and understand software more extensively and in depth. Having already worked in Lebanon and Europe, adding this training to my list added a lot in my experience, since every country work dynamic is different and I am now getting to enjoy and learn from the US work dynamic.

Every day life at the office has been very positive, the office dynamic pushes you to do your best when you are working and learning a maximum. The team is also getting bigger, therefore I have even more people to learn from and exchange knowledge with which is very important in every learning experience. The team is also very friendly and we all push each other to thrive rather than bringing each other down. One of the things I enjoy a lot is sharing lunch time with the team as we all go together to get some food then come back to the office to enjoy our meals together, it allows us to create stronger bonds and have a great break to then get back to work with more energy.

other than work New York has so much to offer between parks, beautiful streets to walk in, museums, history filled neighborhoods … spending time discovering this amazing city ans what it has to offer has been really great. one of the highlights of my month was a very interesting art fair i went to, where i had the chance to see some amazing art pieces as well as furniture pieces from Charlotte Perriand to Jeanneret.

Sarah Sioufi


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