This weekend, I went to the Key West with some friends.

Key West, a secluded US city, is part of the Florida Keys archipelago. It is also the southernmost point of Florida, located about 90 miles north of Cuba. Famous for its pastel-shell tons of houses, a town is a cruise ship stop that can also be accessed from the mainland via the Overseas Highway. Key West is best known for the coral reefs (which are very popular for diving and snorkeling) on ​​the beaches.

It is a long drive, about 6 hours from Vero Beach to Key West. First I stopped in Fort Lauderdale, to pick up Gabriel. Then we followed the trip to Miami, where we meet a couple of friends from Brazil. They came to visit me in Florida and then they will go to Chicago. So they experienced two extremes Florida was 30c and in Chicago was -5c. It is crazy that in the same country we have so big weather differences.

Saturday morning, we woke up early and drove straight to the keys, the weather was beautiful and sunny. So we stopped at the beach to relax and talk.

The City is small, but there are a lot of restaurants and bars. We decided to have some Cuban food, it was delicious, so we walk through some different neighbors and we tried the famous lime pie, it was tasty. During the night we can explore more the center of the city and different bars, we had a lot of fun.

Sunday, we woke up a little late and we just enjoy some differents beaches and the pool of the hotel, the weekend pass so fast, it was time to go home, unfortunately.

But I was really happy to see my friends from Brazil.

Nathalie Hellmich

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