Desert Sunset

This month is has been quite interesting in Tucson, I have had the opportunity to meet Wonderfull people doing different activities apart from the training program. One of the most interesting activities I have done is the hike to Gates Pass towards the mountains at west of the city, it was incredible to see such a beautiful landscape with the richness of the desert vegetation and wild life, apart from that the beautiful colours of the sunset were very touching.

At the studio we have been really busy, at the moment we have several projects to deal with, Im currently in charge for two of them. One of the projects is residential and is  located in Phoenix, Arizona, in this particular case  we have been responsible not only for the some of the lighting design in terms of fixtures for the different spaces of the house, but also for some interior design matters such as curtains and furniture, therefore there has been a constant contact with the house owners, architects and the contractors. The house has already been built and the results will come out soon. On the other hand there  is a mixed use project at Houston Texas, the building has housing on the top levels ,  retail on the ground floor and garage on the underground level. This is a very interesting project because we have chosen all the lighting  fixtures to be used, so for me it has been very valuable experience because I have had the chance to be better informed about lighting  specifications, manufacturers and functions.

I have also been introduced lighting software where you can produce some renderings  and make studies to test every light and see how they would perform in real life.

The atmosphere at the studio has been really good, people are always working as a team.


Sebastian Espinoza

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