I’m grateful for…my amazing first Thanksgiving’s Day in US!

I’ll remember this November 2019 as the month of my first Thanksgiving’s Day that has been amazing!

I thought it wouldn’t never finish cause I started to celebrate it with friends and colleagues at work many days before. It seems that each excuse was perfect to eat something and share food.

I started to my friend and colleague’s house whit her roommates and their friends by celebrating a “friendsgiving” night with food and games. I met new people and it was really funny to have a party in the house like the ones that I watched many times in movies.

Then, during the previous Friday of the Thanksgiving’s Day, we had shared lunch at work where the Studio Got the Turkey and each one of us prepared or bought something. I made a Vegetable Pie with the word “THNKS” written on the top and it was a success! 😉 I really enjoy this moments of sharing and community so I felt like a part of the group.

And finally, during the REAL Thanksgiving’s Day, I went to see the Thanksgiving’s Parade on the 6th Avenue with the famous Macy’s Baloons that were floating in air (my favorite was Olaf!) and it was really impressive! Many people there, I was living that moment of one of most unique until now in New York! That day I eated my best Pancakes ever in an old Diner in Chelsea so I cannot be more grateful than this!

It was really nice to be here in New York in this period of the year and now I’m getting ready for Christmas!!! I think Holidays here will be really magic!

Vita Giacovelli

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