Month 3 – Cold New York

November turned out to be quite the eventful month. I’ve made more friends, seen more sights and celebrated my birthday – and it was a pretty big one.

To start, I’ve been discovering more and more about New York and I’ve been learning more and more at GF55 architects. They’ve been giving me more and more responsibilities and I feel like I really have the hang of the day to day operations in the office. There isn’t a lot of design work done there, but I’ve been able to participate when I can. At this point I feel like my co-workers trust my abilities and acknowledge that I’m able to keep up.

Furthermore, I’ve been able to again experience more of New York. This time, however, less in terms of architecture and more in terms of climate. I’ve realised that New York has a similar winter climate to Amsterdam (where I’m from). Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of winter weather. Nothing goes about feeling cosy and warm inside a fashionable coat during snowfall – but this was something else. The winter weather is very icy and actually a little colder that Amsterdam. Still, New York looks amazing in the snow.

But of course, the highlight this past month was my birthday. I had a lot of fun: I brought in donuts for everyone at work today (which are 100% guaranteed to please people). After work I had dinner with some friends and the people I’m staying with. What made it extra special was the fact that I turned 21 – and not many people can say that they turned 21 in New York. I ended the day by Skyping my family back home and they were able to ship me the presents they bought me (they arrived shortly after).

Now Christmas is next and from what I’ve heard – Christmas in New York can be magical.

Ingo Aelbers

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