Meetup it’ll be fun!

I’m two weeks from finishing my internship and is a bittersweet sensation. This experience has been incredible in all areas of my life. I learnt a lot about the architecture field here in Florida. I bet that if I go north, is a whole other world. But I’m really happy with what I achieved during this year, the people that I met, the friendships that I made.
For this month I wanted to try something new. I tent to be a shy person, specially when I don’t know anyone in that place, but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I downloaded Meetup, for the ones that does not know is a platform where people post different types of plans. You can find from going to the beach and play volleyball game, to art classes, hiking somewhere. Some activities are free and the purpose is to gather people around activities that they have in common. Or other are paid classes that people offer.
I searched in the app and find a meditation class the day of the full moon of this month. It sounded interesting, the description said meditation class with sound therapy. I went that day to the activity.
The salon was small and we were a small group of people. It was an hour and a half of meditation with different instruments and sounds. I’m incredible impressed by the vibrations that the Tibetans bowls generate. If you haven’t had the experience I 100% recommend it. It feels amazing in the body. After that, we talk a little bit of how we felt during the activity, share something about ourselves, and talk.
I really recommend to give it a try to this app. It has a lot to offer and specially if you want to meet people that shared the same interests.

Laura Velasco


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