Attending an NFL game

A few weeks ago, I went to see an NFL game, Seahawks @ Rams. Since NFL teams only have 8 home games each years, tickets are a bit expensive, but definitely worth it. I have enjoyed watching NFL for quite some time now, so I was pretty excited heading to the Coliseum.

The LA Memorial Coliseum is a stadium located in the Exposition Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Conceived as a hallmark of civic pride, the Coliseum was commissioned in 1921 as a memorial to L.A. veterans of World War I. Completed in 1923, it will be the first stadium to have hosted the Summer Olympics three times: 1932, 1984, and 2028. It is easily accessible via  the Expo Line and several bus lines.

These 3 hours were awesome, every one was really excited about the game, constantly cheering, shouting or teasing the opponents. NFL has a very limited action time, which makes every play extremely intense. Rams won after a thrilling game, but unfortunately it was not enough to make it to the playoffs.

The franchise began in 1936 as the Cleveland Rams. They then moved to Los Angeles in 1946 and stayed until 1994, when the Rams left California and moved to St. Louis, Missouri. They won one Super Bowl in 1999 as the St Louis Rams, but never won as the LA Rams. The Rams are really looking to stay long in LA: new jerseys, new helmets and a new logo should soon be unveiled, but more importantly they will play in a brand new stadium starting next season. The brand new SoFi stadium is currently being built in Inglewood, it has an insane construction cost of almost $5 billion, and it will be used by the Rams and the Chargers. It will open late July 2020 with a Taylor Swift concert, and will host Super Bowl LVI.

I’ll be gone by then, but I might come back just to experience the incredible atmosphere of an NFL game!


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