J1 Visa Benefits
Ben Duchac

J1 Visa Benefits, all you need to know

Are you overwhelmed by all the information you read on visa applications and need guidance on choosing the right program for you? You need to read this post about the J1 Visa Benefits.

Sometimes we all need some help in one form or another when it comes to making such an important life, or in this case; career-making decision. As a rule, we should always try to be as informed as we can when taking a big step like this and learning about the benefits that a J1 visa program entails, is certainly a good start to making your dream of working in a US company a reality. As we have learned from our own experiences, and the experiences that our candidates share with us after our program, we can tell you that there are many benefits to a program like this, not only for your self-development but also how you grow as a young professional. An experience which is mutually beneficial to companies as they also benefit from hiring international talents as yourselves as it gives them new business opportunities in foreign markets and profit from the talent you bring to the team. As you can see in the infographics below the J1 Visa Benefits are huge.

The J1 Visa Benefits and the experience of participating in Architect-US will provide you with tools and skill-sets from experienced professionals within the field that you will be able to carry on to any future endeavors you have during your professional career. Skills that will be valuable as you take on more responsibilities and climb the ropes in the design world. Accordingly, your resume will also get more valuable as you will be challenged in an environment with different views and insights than those from your home, widening your perspective, and giving you a different cultural experience.

You can’t forget one of the most important J1 Visa Benefits,  the fact that this will also give you the opportunity to now practice and perfect your English. Being bilingual is a significant advantage in today’s world and it will certainly open new doors in a growing cross-cultural world. Taking in from different cultures and getting comfortable with your English in a professional setting will also cultivate your network of contacts and provide you with the confidence you need to present yourself as a professional on an international level. Additionally, you will also provide businesses with proficiency in other languages and diversity of education they may otherwise have difficulty getting.



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