Internship is an opportunity to learn every day

Internship is an opportunity to learn every day.

Everybody understand that intern are just graduated or a student and usually he/she completely don’t know how the real architectural work looks like. My colleagues helps me to get more practical skills. Every day I learn new words, professional terms, architecture documentation requirements and software tips. I learn how to communicate with customers from my bosses. They take me to the meetings with customers.

Several times per month we have Lunch & Learn at the conference room.

Our company is engaged in architecture and interiors. Some companies want to represent their materials for us. A representative go to our office and usually order a delicious food. Everybody make a little break, enjoy the meal and enjoy the presentation. I really like this event, because I have a great opportunity to learn more about construction techniques, material qualities and also I have a great language practice!

Periodically we have a common meeting, where everybody tell about their current project and asking a questions. It helps to be aware what is going on in every team and every project. And again it is a great professional and language practice.

My colleagues always invite me at the different architecture event. The last one was SCAD School of Building Arts Alumni Networking Event. We listen an inspiring lectures and meet a lot of architects, engineers and graphic designers.

As you can see, to be an intern is very interesting and hard at the same time. I think this is the great contribution to the future.

Maria Malygina



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