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Visit to Stanford

Martin Luther King´s day was a day off at my work and I didn’t know it.  It was one Monday and I didn´t have any plan scheduled so I decided to do a short trip and expand my knowledge of the bay area. Stanford seemed pretty nearby. One hour away taking the Caltrain (the train that runs all across the bay area, from San Francisco at the north to San jose at south). The train dropped me off at Palo Alto Station and from there on I had to walk to The Stanford Campus. There is a really long avenue that leads you to the main campus building full of palm trees. The feeling of walking along that avenue with palm trees at both sides was totally magic. The view of the Spanish style architecture at the background with the green mountains beyond was amazing as well. Such a paradise. The experience was totally different that San Francisco. San francisco is kind of cold, busy, full of weird people by the streets, however the way to Stanford felt like a totally different world, Happy people riding bikes, families with kids walking around and students having smart conversations. No danger, no conflict and warm air instead of cold. I really recommend to go there and experience the contrast between different spots of the  bay area. California is such a diverse place, and that makes living here such an amazing experience.


Stanford is one of the best universities not only in the states but in the world. I use to see people at the streets walking through with Stanford sweaters. That means that they have studied there so I wanted to buy one sweater as well to pretend have studied there. those sweaters are related to different sports, I got the swimming team one. It was funny cause I am neither a good swimmer nor a Stanford student. People always ask me if I went to Stanford and  if i use to be part of the swimming team. I always say yes!

Alvaro Guillen


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