Mermaids in the Caribbean Keys!

February of Sailors & Sirens

Miami Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous life of the depths of the Miami seas’ crew.

Sailor: Captain! captain!! We were sailing when suddenly a mermaid appeared on the deck and changed our course!
Captain: Sailor, follow new course then!

Every day, every month new adventures around the corner in Miami, full of energy for the last six months! New course: studying new visa options and H1B selected for my case. After J-1 Visa, if your company offers you to sponsor, you are very lucky to start this new adventure. Like every visa, the adventure starts with the preparation of an application form to present to the government on April 1st, by yourself or with a lawyer.

In these times, obtaining of the H1B is complicated enough due to the storms caused by the sailor Mr Trump and the ominous statistics of the mermaids, which establishes that of the 200,000 applications received, only 60,000 are finally distributed by lottery.

Therefore, as in the old legends of pirates, if a ship was assaulted by mermaids, the probability of survival of the crew was around 35%! The same of the probability to reach the H1B! So…

I think we only have to row up to obtain H1B and rest on deck until its resolution, avoiding the assault of the sirens and their sings…

Happy San Valentine´s Day and their love stories!

If you are my sailor and I will be your siren!


Miami Girl

Raquel Rica


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