Christmas in NY

Christmas in New York is magic for real!

This was my first Christmas away from home and without my family but fortunately I didn’t feel alone and I had the real occasion to breath and live the unique American Christmas vibes.

First of all, New York in Christmas time is something really special. Decorations, Christmas lights, the peculiar shopping windows of the most famous brands and small activities, hot chocolate around the streets, trees and pine smell everywhere make you feel a warm sense of holiday where everything is so beautiful like in movies that we use to watch on the tv. But it was real. Authentic!

The 6th Avenue was my favourite, from Bryant Park to Central Park all the entry of the buildings are super decorated. I loved the big Christamas balls with the fountain, the big scale of Christmas Lights and Nutcraker were amazing. Bryant Park, that gives a breath to the city where you can look around and see all the beautiful skyscrapers, hosts Christmas markets in many small wood houses that surround the ice rink and the big tree decorated with American flag’s colors.

And of course, I couldn’t miss the Rockfeller Center with its famous tree and ice-rink where I had the occasion to found a couple that was just proposing on the ice! But if you want to see typical American houses with the crazyest and most beautiful decoration you should go to Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, it’s unbelivable!

But to breath the real essence of Christmas, I did something that I always do when I’m at home. I went to a Christian Mass on the Christmas Eve’s night and I chose the Cathedral of Saint Jhon The Divine in Morningside Heights in Manhattan where I heard my first mass in english with a wonderful classical choir. The feeling in that moment was a huge gratefulness for what I’m living looking at the future with a deep hope.

Vita Giacovelli

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