Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium

We had the chance to go over every area of the Aquarium, even the maintenance and the mechanical room.

Last January I had the opportunity to travel to Tampa for a professional trip with the entire company where we visit the back of the house of the great Florida Aquarium. The purpose of the trip was to have a general idea of how this amazing place works and help us in the design process for our next water park and aquarium projects.

Inside this place, we could enjoy the marine life, like jellyfish, flamingos, octopus, otters, seahorse, many different kinds of fishes and even the wildest species of the ocean, the big shark. We had the chance to go over every area of the Aquarium, even the maintenance and the mechanical room.

The guide explained to us how they filtered and storage a large quantity of water in so many water tanks. They also showed us how they take care of any single animal inside de Aquarium and he gave us a talk about how to reduce the pollution and wastes that affect the wildlife of the ocean. For example, reduce the simple use of the straws could save so many lives and prevent the damage to the species and its habitats that we could not even imagine.

We really enjoy this experience and it was a good way to break with the job routine. This is one of the benefits to be part of a company that designs theme parks, water parks, aquariums and recreational architecture.

Emiliano Hernández


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