Cape Cod + Boston

There are not many national holidays in the US, so on the 4th September, Labor Day, something fun had to be done! After several options, such as Washington, New Orleans or Montreal, some friends and I decided to rent a car and go away from the city for a weekend. It was also the last of summer fridays, so we got out of the office at midday, which was nice!

Our original plan was to spend the weekend based in Cape Cod and each day visit different spots, check out the amazing beaches there and on Monday, 4th, end our trip in Boston. Cape Cod is a geographic cape which extends into the ocean from the mainland, Massachusetts, and kind of in the way from NYC to Boston. We planned to stop in New Haven on our way there, and eat their famous pizza, but traffic was shockingly slow and it took us 8 hours to get to our hotel in Cape Cod instead of the 4 hours planned… So, we mainly arrived at night to the town of Hyannis (which we decided to be our base point), and bought a huge pizza to compensate for the long car hours.

On that weekend, we went to the Chatam Lighthouse and the beach. There were a lot of white shark warnings! We did not believe it at first, but there were also seal warnings, and those we saw so many, and so close to the beach that we left thinking that probably the warnings about sharks were true as well. We also went to Nauset Beach and enjoyed the amazing beach there. And obviously one of the days, for dinner, we went to Provincetown, which I would say is the most famous town there. There is a main street full of stores, food and people, and a really nice and active environment! It was a huge contrast to the other beachy towns along cape cod, where the lobster, the sand and the tranquility were the main bid deals!

Sandwich was a very recommended small town, where we also spent a couple of hours, and crossed the wooden pathwalk to get to the beach. It is a very pintoresque walk and very calming! Also, we liked Hyannis (which was the town we were staying at), it was kind of a mix between Provincetown and the rest of the towns in Cape Cod. It reminded me a little bit to Southampton maybe.

And finally, on Monday we went to Boston, which we did not love, to be honest. Maybe I was unconsciously comparing it to New York, but I expected more from that city.

Anyway, overall it was a very beachy and chill weekend and definitely would recommend it to anyone!

Arantza Ardanza

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