Photo by Julienne Schaer


Hello back! 

Let’s not going to lie: the first weeks were harsh. It’s never easy to arrive in a new city, and all the paperwork you’d have to do during the first days doesn’t help. But it will pass and you’d suddenly start to enjoy the city. In my case, New York was waiting!

So while I was still trying to figure out which subway line was the best to commute to the office, I found myself going to an amazing event at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). It’s a multi-arts located in Brooklyn. It has a program that includes theater, dance, music, opera, film, and more. It’s a window for emerging artists and a place with a great charm. 

I had the opportunity to got to a Pop-Up Magazine event which consists in a mix of comedy show, play, concert, podcasts, and film. As weird as it seems, I couldn’t define it better. Storytellers and journalists share original true stories accompanied by an animation while there is a band playing live. Amazing, right? So, as they do this every season, I definitely recommend you to check them if you happen to be in the city! It’s one of those plans just a city like this will offer you!


Once it finishes, the ambient around is great to enjoy a spring night outdoors, so I’d say to stay in the area and live the modern pop culture that surrounds Brooklyn. A different and more chill mood from Manhattan. 

In the end, the best you can get from an experience like this is all the cultural events. And now that it is summer, you can feel the fest vibe color the city is turning on! 

See you on the next adventure!

Photo by Julienne Schaer

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