Apple Festival on October!

October is a special month in The United States and what I was expecting like any foreigner it was the Halloween. I mean this is a big holiday in here and we know that, but my surprise was big when I realized that there is another huge event and it’s called The Apple Festival!

In this month you can see in each grocery market a bunch of apple products like apple cider, apple pie, cream in a big amount. Just as you could see a lot of pumpkin everywhere, it was almost the same but with apple! It was something that I never expected to be honest.

The apple festival was an unimaginable experience because I was expecting a small event, but it wasn’t! It was in Peddler´s Village, a small town in the outskirts of Philadelphia. The village was decorating very beautiful for this event. There were games, food stand, stores, restaurant, you could find there whatever you want since food until clothes.

As I explained before this event was so far away of the city in a wonderful town and with this fall weather having a hot apple cider was the best match! In my country we have apple juice that is a cold drink so a hot one was kind of particular thing that I have never tried before but it became my favorite in this season.

Another features characteristics about this season is that you can see everywhere even at work people drinking or eating a food related with apple! It’s just amazing to notice how people enjoy each season and holidays of the year.

Having this experience of working in the United Stated opened a door full of adventure and moments that I could never imagined. Every day I learn something new related to my career and the American life, that gives me a different perspective on life!

Gianina Aldazábal

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