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Charles Deluvio

Dogs and the city

Sex and the city shown us a fancy, smart and elegant New York in the 90´s of the 20th century.

Some of us, grew up with these precedents: fancy women with expensive clothes and an impossible lifestyle in a crowded city. I remember when in the very last episode of this TV show, Charlotte crossed the street holding her husband´s hand with her three or four dogs. I remember how they were dressed, with tiny jackets and scarfs, and how I thought this kind of things only happen in the movies.

Resultado de imagen para charlotte con sus perros

(Via Pinterest – Charlotte with one of her dogs.)

Some years later, here I am: in the city of ´Sex and the city´. I had totally forgotten about Charlotte and her dogs when, in the very first days of this adventure, I saw a man walking down the street with a super fancy dog wearing almost the same outfit as him. I was astonished.  My feeling was that most of the people turned to admire the couple and whispered some comments to their partners.

A few months after that, I realised that this situation is very regular in this city. In fact, most of the dogs wear jackets in winter. Why they wear them is still a mystery. We can guess is because of the cold but it could be also because of their owners’ preferences. On a rainy day, you can see how this animal goes out with raincoats in bright colours. Some of them also wear shoes. Small and tight dog-shoes.

Currently, in the spring season, they do not wear jackets. But they are still fancy and elegant animals. That is why they wear silk scarfs covering their necks when the days are cold, or caps for sports teams if the sun shines. There are some of them that join their owner walks and go with them into their bags. You can see them in the street but also on the subway. In this situation, the dog is, most of the times and depending on its size, inside a bag with perforations so they can breathe inside it.

La imagen puede contener: una o varias personas

How newyorker dogs are dressed and why is a matter that could concern us from the very moment we arrive in this city.

What will they wear now that summer is arriving…?

Nieves Calvo


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