Butterfly festival
David Clode

Butterfly festival

It was the day when I was finally so close to nature I went to the Butterfly Festival. Butterflies are my favorite.
I started my day by traveling to another city for 2 hours… and it was a long drive. But when I was finally there it felt like I have seen the most beautiful butterflies ever.
I entered the arena and I was told about the various species that were present in the pavilion.
The garden of butterflies was the place as it is called. The owner of the place had traveled to different places and studied about the different species of the butterflies and decided to hatch some of his own in the arena. The entire group was told how the feed and hatch the butterflies by creating a completely natural environment and staying in those natural colors to which butterflies would except. I saw a lot of different species of butterflies which I had never seen a Dalit of moths as well which were different and rare to find.
One of the friends of the owner had donated his lifetime collection of butterflies and moths and he had collected nearly 2000 butterflies in his entire lifetime.
The entire garden had various elements that were dedicated to the beauty of the city and were more beautified by the presence of butterflies in the entire place.
In the Butterfly festival I felt close to nature and the freshness had really enchanted my thoughts. The day was beautiful and educational at the same time as I learned a lot about the species.
The garden had a beautiful church and natural lakes which were adding beauty to the entire place. I saw an America wedding at that place which was a beauty in its own. With all the natural color and beautiful church in the lake, it was the wedding of the dreams. I was close to nature and tradition at the same time. Which made my day even beautiful. I didn’t want to go back to the city but it was time to go back home.
It was a beautiful day with beautiful butterflies.

Tamanna Sethi


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