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Paul Nanaoka

My new LA lifestyle

Getting at the healthy Californian – LA lifestyle without a car but a bike is a good and cheap option.

I use it daily to go to work and It´s perfect because there are a lot of bike roads. You can choose the ocean way which is amazing in the early morning with the fresh air and without people, only a few already doing their workout or going to surf. It´s very relaxing going to work having those moments before just enjoying the breeze and the ocean view, I feel so grateful!

After a month in Los Angeles, I had the chance to integrate myself very fast in the LA Lifestyle with different groups of people and almost every day I´ve found someone who also speaks Spanish so we have some fun just asking where are you from or if I have the chance to ask for some advise 🙂

From all the activities I got the chance to surf as I live and work really close to the ocean. Getting at the healthy Californian – LA lifestyle was always my dream and I can´t believe is happening!


Silvia Ruiz-Poveda


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