Designing from Home

After being in working from home for more than two months, sometimes it feels we been working like this since ever. How we have been adjusting, first, as designers of spaces; but then as a team. Here in my office, we found new dynamics how can everyone collaborate in design, and be so proactive, and not only keep behind the computer drawing. Definitely that has changed my point of how I view the architecture, and specially, how we dialogue as architects, with the people who are going to live those spaces we design.

The interaction with the clients, sometimes feels a little bit locked, the tools we have, never going to replace the passion and the intentions we will have person to person, but we are in our way to found better forms to coordinate with them to consolidate the best ideas in a real project.

This month was very interesting for me. We were part of a competition. Working from home, and feeling all that vibes that a competition it implies, make me learn a lot, specially, that always keep in mind that the quality of the projects doesn’t have to be affected without excuses. That everyone in the team, found and fits in each role, and stretch all the resources we have to the maximum, to present an amazing project. Unfortunately we can not go to places yet, but it’s important t keep continue cultivating ourselves and the city continues to captivate us as possible, with their public spaces, or the streets or avenues that they also have their charm. I feel grateful in the way we been learning a lot, specially learn to live expecting, and founding how my work here has enriched me.

We doesn’t know when we are going back to the “new normality”, what if it’s a fact our comeback should and will be stronger than ever.


Diego Perez


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