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Towards a new beginning with Architect-US

Do you have an internship offer and are clueless on how to turn your American dream into reality? Well, I’ve been in your shoes too with Architect-US.

Currently, I’m at the airport waiting to board the flight that’ll take me to Orange County.

Hello! My name is Gunjan Sharma and I’m a 4th-year B.Arch student. As a part of my degree program, is required to undergo practical training and like all other students, my hunt for a good architectural firm began in January. I prepared and sent out my portfolio to various firms searching for a J1 Visa Internship. I got acceptance offer from a few Indian firms but no reply from abroad. I had given up on the hope of going abroad for an internship.

But then one day, I got an acceptance mail from the principal of D33 design and planning! I got really excited but after a while, reality kicked in and I was like “now what ?”. I had absolutely no idea on how to go about it and I didn’t know anyone else who could guide me through the J1 Visa Process.

I stumbled upon the Architect-US site and I dropped them a mail regarding my queries and they took it on from there.

I was already late and I knew the visa process would take a lot of time so I decided to cut down my internship period abroad from 6 months to 3 months. I joined a firm in Delhi for 3 months after initiating the visa process.

Ms. Patricia, Architect-US team helped me a lot! She answered all my queries and assisted me at every step. After a month and a half of initiation, I could finally book an appointment at the embassy. The interview went by smoothly and in no time I was good to go! All thanks to Architect-US team.

Time to board the flight! … Towards a new beginning!



Gunjan Sharma


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