Dyker Heights
Aaron Burden

Christmas visit to Dyker Heights! A must!

The Dyker Heights Lights are a jewel of New York City during Christmas. It has truly become a “must-see” for many people during these days. It is famous for its Christmas lights and decorations erected each year by its residents, and it has been called the «king of the Christmas lights». Christmas lights in Dyker Heights are the key of the DH identity, because the whole community participates.

The Holiday Season in New York City is magical! Believe me, from the world-famous tree at Rockefeller Center to the Christmas windows of Macy’s, Bergdorf’s, and Saks, the city is vibrant with energy and holiday spirit!

Once you get to DH, stroll the streets enjoying the lights and decorations, take a lot of photographs, and get deep into the holiday spirit!

Iker Perez


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