Governor’s Island – NY

New York is really know how to enjoy the summer, and one of the most special attractions of that era is the opening of Governors Island.

For almost two centuries, located less than half a mile from Manhattan, the island was a former US military base because it was located in a strategic location between Brooklyn and Manhattan, an important point for protection against possible warships invasions. In 1996, without any eminent war, the Coast Guard operations were closed down. Since then, New York leaders have come to press the federal government and in 2003 the federal government sold most of the Island to the people of New York for a symbolic dollar value.

Today, the Governor’s Island Preservation and Education Corporation (GIPEC) manages about 60 hectares of the island, while the National Park Service manages the 8 hectares that are part of the Governors Island National Monument that include two fortresses built in the early nineteenth century.

Before becoming a weekend tourist attraction for everyone, the place already had vocation for leisure. As well as a fortress to defend New York still served as a «holiday home» for British royal governors and later military commanders.
Nowadays, a good part of these houses of leisure turned into galleries or art workshops that work during the weekends, in one of these houses there was a group carving with their respective hammers works in blocks of stone.
This small, uninhabited island only open in the summer, with access only of pedestrians and their bicycles by means of the ferry and is full of attractions during the season. It is the best alternative for those who want to get away from Times Square and crowded tourist spots. Located less than 10 minutes from Manhattan, the atmosphere of peace and tranquility makes you feel at another location, very different from the rush of the busiest attractions in town.
Enjoy recording incredible photos of the Manhattan skyline, the Financial District and the Statue of Liberty!

Victor Daldegan


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