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Night Nation Run in Orlando

Night Nation Run in Orlando

I had never heard about Night Nation Run in Orlando before.  At the beginning it sounded a little strange for me, mixing a popular race in the city with a music festival is not something that you can find every day. I am a person who has been to many races and also a good amount of music festivals and in my mind, it was something that I wouldn’t think to do at the same time. In the USA is a famous event that travels through several states with their cities and this time was Orlando.  I was a little hesitant but finally, I was convinced to go to the Night Nation Run in Orlando. The event started first with a small pre-party followed by the race itself to finish in a super cool after party.  Make sure run to keep some energy for the final part when you are running! It’s a different experience, so, don’t hesitate and give it a try to the Night Nation Run!

Ignacio Cerrón

Trainee at RVJAOrlando

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