Last weekend I went out of the City to know a bit more of the country. My destination was Philadelphia, perfect for a short trip.

I left on Saturday morning, really early so I had a two entire days to visit Philly. The Saturday woke up with a long walk around the old city visiting the Congress Hall with a beautiful Christmas market around it. I walked through a diagonal street which crossed the most important sightseeing from the Congress Hall to the Boathouse row. I visited the Love Park, Franklin Square, Logan Circle and the Art Museum with its famous stairs, so much known for Rocky film. It was funny seeing all the people running with the music of the film while their friends took videos of them.

Behind of these huge and beautiful museum a green route opened among trees and picturesque garden, with little and charming spaces with views to the Schuylkil river. I arrived to the Boathouse row; houses built close to the river. I walked round them and I could have lunch in one of them with the entire room for me.

It was a bit late and it was getting dark, so I decided to come back walking for the north of the city. I realized that the city was more European than New York, with rows of streets with an architecture closer to the British style. I fell in love of the city, a bit more relaxing and with more green spaces than New York. At night, I went out and it was really cool. A lot of young people and a good atmosphere.

Next day, I leaded my route to the east and south of the city. I visited the Spruce Street Harbor Park; incredible, although there wasn’t so much activity. It should be really good in summer.

Later, I crossed the motorway following the direction to South Street. I love it!!! It was a long street between small charming houses with a lot of restaurants, shops… It was a little paradise where some of the facades of the houses were decorating with random pieces of tiles, mirrors, different drawings… In fact, you can find the Magic Park in that street. A curious space with a small place, some houses covering with that kind of style, with texts around the tiles, with pieces of mirrors which reflected from one side of the street to the other, with recycled objects… It was a really special and beautiful space built with common objects which gave to the street a fresh and colorful air.

I will go back Philly!!!

Belén Dominguez


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