J1 Visa in San Francisco
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There we go! the experience of a J1 Visa in San Francisco!

Hi! My name is Alvaro Guillén. I am an architect and I am going to share my experience as a J1 Visa in San Francisco with Architect-US and why I did it.

Once I ended up my degree in architecture I was looking for a working abroad experience. I tried it in many ways, but I did not succeed. I sent my CV to European studios as well as American ones. It is really hard that an architectural firm you do not know and you do not have any kind of relation, get interested for you.

Then I started to work in a Madrid based architectural studio. It was cool, but I really regretted have not worked abroad so that’s why I decided to start this adventure by applying for a J1 Visa in San Francisco.

I felt so impressed by the United States after visiting New York for the first time two years ago. The architectural culture is completely different in comparison with the European. Freer, bigger and somehow more radical. I wished to work there in the future.

I attended an Architect-US talk at my university. By that time, I was working but I decided to escape from work just to get informed the possibility to become a J1 Visa in San Francisco. I had a good feeling. They explained us the program process, their good relationships with American architectural studios, and how easy it can be. I went out from the talk totally convinced that, despite my previous failed experiences, it was possible.

Four months later, in July, I received an offer from an architectural studio based in San Francisco. I was so excited to be able to work as a J1 Visa Holder in such an amazing city. Now, this experience is coming and I am cannot wait to start.

Alvaro Guillen


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