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In the current world of Architecture is very important to keep in mind certain aspects regarding the composition and the image of every one of the projects when we are given the task of 3D modeling, rendering or even post-production, that’s why I am speaking about the importance of ArchViz one of the best 3D visualization source.  Since software has been evolving constantly at great speed there´s a pretty straightforward workflow almost in all of the software regardless if you prefer to model in Sketchup, Rhino, 3Ds Max etc, it all comes to the same great result we all want to achieve, why?  because a great image is usually what sales the project and makes the client fall in love with the project.

In this case, while in my job at Minervini Vandermark Architects in Hoboken I was given the task to model and render this awesome project in Jersey City. St Lucy´s as we call it was quite of a challenge due to the polygonal form at the corner and the structure meeting points which are very specific and symmetrical on certain places. While some of the components and floor plates were modeled in Revit, most of it was modeled in Sketchup and then brought to Lumion for materials, ambiance etc but the great one is ArchViz offering photorealistic real-time 3D visualization experience.

As professionals in 3d and ArchViz, it is important to maintain and follow these steps most of the time in every work I do:

1) Modeling

2) Lighting

3) Materials

4) Rendering

5) Camera motion

6) Post-production

Sometimes it is easy to jump certain steps or come back, later on, to make adjustments if needed. When having an organized workflow and a great teamwork it is less time consuming and results in a great image most of the time!



Jesus Lara


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