Shopping trend: online subscriptions

I recently noticed how the market for online subscriptions has become huge in the past year or two here in USA. From makeup bags such as IPSY and Sephora Play!, to razors, deluxe wine, even birth control! This trend is taking over the market and making shopping easy and comfortably delivered to your door.



They basically all work the same way: you pay a monthly/bi/trimonthly fee for the products to be delivered regularly at your door. Previously, an online profile is required were you sate your preferences, choices, etc, depending on the product.

The best thing about this system is that in most cases, there is no yearly or x-months commitment, you can cancel the subscription whenever you desire, no questions asked.

Even better is the first time trial deal this subscriptions usually provide. As an example : Firstleaf (Wine Club) has this amazing deal were they will send you 3-6 bottles of premium wine bottles, local or imported, red, white or mixed , of their selection, for just $4.99 each, plus free shipping ,3/4 days by UPS ground. Awesome deal considering these bottles retail around $22/$25 in stores.(NOT SPONSORED!). You will receive these nice neat package containing the wine bottles selected for you, together with a card for each wine with all the references, origin, year,retail price,  serving suggestions, pairing , flavors, etc. This particular business is a small California based company intending to create wine enthusiasts all over the country, by offering accessible prices and easy,fast delivery.

I am looking forward to try all these wines at the many BYOB (bring your own bottle) restaurants Philadelphia has to offer (will explain on next post)


Candela Otamendi


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