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J-1 Visa and program process

In order to begin your journey with Architect-US and so that we can begin helping you throughout the J-1 Visa application process, the most important thing is to first register in our program. That means that you have to make the decision between the J-1 Visa or Job+J-1 route, which ultimately differs in the “Job” part. In both alternatives we will guide you throughout every single step so that you can secure your Embassy Interview and finally have your Visa issued so that you can begin your adventure in the States. Most of our participants register in the Job+J1 program because we present them with many different opportunities from top companies in the U.S. looking to fill in a position and we are able to put them right in the front steps of those companies.

So, after you’ve completed the first step which is Registration in our website and you’ve submitted you CV and Portfolio. A member of the Selection Committee will verify that you meet the requirements for the J-1 Visa and will also look through you CV and Portfolio and suggest changes which will make your work really stand out. Once you’ve become a member in our program and you have joined our pool of talents, you will be sent offers in the cities that you are interest in. We will always try to send you offers that best fit the specifics of what you are looking for (location, size, company mission, etc.) and wait for your reply to see if you’d like to be included in the selection process of those offers. It is once you’ve been interviewed by a company and received and offer letter that we begin with the next phase.

Here a private program advisor will ensure that the company meets the requirements of the Exchange Visitor Program. That means that if necessary, an area rep will perform a site visit to make sure that the company is in a safe environment, and will provide you with the best experience possible during the duration of the program. At this point, once the company check out and everything has been approved, we will assist you in signing the DS-7009 in which information like salary, hours, goals, program plan, etc. will be included. Everything will be reviewed by members of our team and by the Department of State and once we receive the final approval, the DS-7009 will be shipped to your home country for you to sign.

In these final steps, we will send you all of the information that you will need in order to confirm you Embassy Interview. That includes the items which we shipped to your home country and a print copy of the DS-160 Online non-immigrant visa application confirmation. Now you will be at the very end of the process, in which you will get your Visa and Passport stamped. Finally, you are good to go on your quest to learn from some of the best architects in the U.S.  and get to apply your skills learned over your studies/career and apply them in them in a professional environment in the city of your dreams!


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