The gold Goddess is in New York City

Gold. Gold. More gold. Infinite gold.

Eyes. Circles. Red squares. Triangles with eyes. Triangles with circles. Triangles with red squares.

The hands of a woman interlaced in the middle of the scene. A neck covered with a bright and brilliant piece of jewellery. Dark hair, white skin.

Sensual curves simulating an infinite dress. More eyes. Infinite eyes staring at me.

I do not know who you are but you knew exactly what I was going to be doing and where I was going to be located.

In the left, a small space of green grass and a wall base with blanck and white squares.

In the middle of this infinite gold, a white square.

Are they eyes or fishes? Are you floating or seated? Is it a dress or a sheet? Please clarify.


 1048 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028


Nieves Calvo


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