Arcade fire live in NYC

Surprise Arcade Fire Show!


So this month I had my first “THIS WOULD ONLY HAPPEN IN NEW YORK” moment, and it was incredible!!

I have been a fan of the band Arcade Fire for many years, and have seen them in concert once before but it was in a huge arena with thousands of other people which is the type of venues they typically play now.

Earlier this month, I received an email from Spotify inviting me to a one-off event in a few days time called ‘A Conversation with Arcade Fire’. There was very little information about the event and I could not find any further information anywhere about it, but I RSVP’d to secure my place and figured I would go along and find out. It was at Gramercy Theatre, which is an intimate venue in the Flat Iron District that holds around 500 people.

Upon arrival at the venue, there were massive long lines however they were only admitting those who RSVP’d to the initial email. We were told the event was to be a movie premiere of the band’s new short film, followed by a Q&A with a member of the band and their creative director. My friend and I got a drink and secured a place second row back from the stage. Everyone was a little confused and excited all at once.

The short film played, which was essentially a long music video to the last 2 songs on the newest album, and as the credits ended the room went dark. All of a sudden the screen fell to the floor and there stood the whole band who immediately picked up where the music video had ended. The crowd, who had all been specially invited because they listen to the band a lot of Spotify, went absolutely crazy!!! It was a truly amazing, unforgettable moment and I couldn’t stop thinking ‘this would only happen in New York’!!!


Claire O'Neil


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