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Have you ever wondered what the best benefits advantages of living an international experience are? Stay with us so we can figure it out together…

Having an international experience shows will show companies you are bold and independent, willing and eager to learn and that you are able to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy a challenge having an international experience.

It certainly could be the most valuable thing on your resume, especially if you are young, so do not underestimate the idea at all! The main advantages (among others)of an international experience are:

  1. International experience included in your resume will open you many doors to whatever you want to apply to in the future. Extra points if you opt for a country that requires overseas flights… Go for it!
  2. More points if you go to a country with a language different from your mother tongue. You will improve the language of the country you are going to, plus you will meet new people from other countries too and get to catch a bit of their language and customs as well.
  3. Have an amazing and enriching international experience with other internationals like you. They are on the same adventure as you, so you can always have company during the adaptation stage and at the same time, you will be able to get a feel of their point of view, culture, etc. This whole process will make you more confident, flexible, and faster at adapting to changes!
  4. If you are an architect, you will learn the patterns and standards of the new country’s architecture naturally. In the end, you will have a deeper understanding and first-hand knowledge that will let you have even more resources to be increasingly creative in your future designs.
  5. Start creating a network with people around the world in the same field as you, which will be really useful in the future. Who would say no to this?

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