Life in Hoboken, New Jersey

Working at MV Architecture in Hoboken, NJ is an extremely convenient place to live/work. I realized that there is absolutely no necessity to own a car here, as the city limits are approximately 1-mile square. You can get absolutely anything and everything here and whatever you can’t a 6-minute train ride brings you to the heart of NYC.  While you can still find the occasional partier, this city is all about the family. A “self-contained community” where you are likely to encounter a nanny, a baby carriage or a family walking their dog on every street. From art galleries and live concerts to beer gardens and wine bars, you’ll never be bored in Hoboken. This small city packs a big punch when it comes to culture and entertainment.

Despite the high cost, there’s no other city quite like Hoboken. This New Jersey town offers unparalleled views of the New York skyline and Hudson River, top-notch entertainment and cuisine that rivals anything found in the big city. Thank you Architect US and MV Architecture for making my experience in Hoboken unique.



Jesus Lara


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