Washington D.C

If you want to travel around USA I would definitively recommend Washington D.C as a must. I was there for five days and even though I visited a lot of places it wasn’t enough to see all the things this city offers.
I arrived on a Thursday night and the first plan was to have dinner at Clyde’s Restaurant in Georgetown. I got the swordfish plate and I really recommend it.
On Friday and Saturday the plan was museums.  The Smithsonian Institute has 13 museums in the city and most of them are free, there are other museums that does not belong to that Institute and some of them are free as well. Because I also wanted to do and explore other places I chose 4 to visit.
On Friday I went to National Museum of American Indian. The exhibition was really good, you can see different indigenous tribes from USA with their history, rituals, attires. Furthermore, they have exhibitions of tribes outside USA like Canada, Mexico, Peru. Nevertheless, what kept my attention was the building, the outside and the inside is sinuous. You won’t find anything at 90 degrees (maybe the restrooms). And the reason is that it reflects a consistent illusion to nature.
The second museum that day was the National Gallery of Art. In my opinion the best of the four that I visited. It has a really good size exhibition of Impressionism artists like Monet, Cezzane, Edgar Degas. I sat in front of each painting for a while just admiring it. Additionally I didn’t expect to find The Veiled Nun but is a piece that I studied during my years of university and I was in shock when I saw it in real life, even better than what I always expected.
Saturday was a Day for the Botanical Garden, I hope to visit again. I didn’t stay longer to really enjoyed the way I wanted to. But is beautiful, specially the different smells of the plants. After that I went to the American Art Museum, it has a nice space where they store art pieces that needs to be restored. To be honest it wasn’t my favorite, there is a lot of history to read and I didn’t have all that time but if you like that type of museum is definitively for you. A good thing about that museum is that is next to a Mies Van Der Rohe building,  Martin Luther King Jr Library. To my bad fortune it was already closed, but I was able to appreciated from the outside, and what you can see is that “God is in the details”.
On Sunday I biked around The Mall and all the National Monuments, and then I went to the National Cathedral. hope to be back soon.

Laura Velasco


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