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How to find a good host company in the USA?

Hi everyone! You are an architect and you want to find a good host company in the USA where people are friendly, respect you and appreciate your ideas. You are coming from Europe, South America or some other place. You were studying hard and you have some work experience. You want to get some more experience and you decide to spend some time working in the USA. Great!

Architect US is the best company to help you with paperwork. That is the fact. Especially I have nice words for Antonina Shevchenko. That woman is amazing!

But YOU have to find a good host company in the USA. You are responsible for that and that is the hardest part. How can you know which one is good? How can you know that everything will not change after one month?
You know that you have to pay for paperwork and to start to work. Everything after that is good or bad luck.

I will share with you some details about some small companies in the USA:
1. If you go to work for a small company all eyes will be on you and you will work under a lot of pressure.
2. People do not want to spend time explaining.
3. Usually, your boss has a dog. You should love that dog even when he is jumping on you and your boss is waiting for you to finish the project and you have like 10 min. 🙂
4. Americans are very polite.
5. In the office, there are rules for everything.
6. Do not believe in any promise.
7. Your opinion for them is not very important.
8. If they are yelling at you or fire you 5 min before working day is over,
you should know that in the USA that is normal.

Do not give up!
Look for a good host company in the USA.
Read reviews about the company before you apply. Reviews are very important.
Probably you will have some problem. All of us have them. That is normal.
Remember that this is a new experience for you and that you should make it the best time in your life.
You deserve a good company. Me too.

Velenka Herbez


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