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One of the main fears that most of us have to face when coming to the USA to work or study is the language.

Although nowadays everybody studies English since childhood, the level that you achieve just by studying it at school may not be enough to be proficient and able to function on the day by day.

Coming here for 12 o 18 months is a perfect way to improve your English, but since you are required to work in that language from the first day it could be a good idea to join an English class to boost your learning.

In New York, there is a great service offered by the New York Public Library, which consists of free English classes at all levels for anybody who lives and/or works in the city.

To be eligible yo have to prove one of these two facts, by showing your rental or working agreement, and after that, you will be asked to take a level examination that will determine which level would be the most appropriate for you. The courses are imparted in many Libraries around NY and in different schedules, so once you are evaluated you will be able to choose location and schedule according to availability. And best of all, the courses are running from September to June in periods of 3 months, so once you finish one you are reevaluated to see if you need to stay in the same level or jump to the next one, and if you are interested you have a preference to join the next season.

If you are thinking about joining don’t forget to check the dates of the info sessions and get there in time, there are always packed and it’s first to come first serve.

Eva Isusquiza


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