Disney World Orlando

Animal Kingdom

A good thing about living in Orlando is having the opportunity to visit any day of the week or weekend the amusement parks and other types of attractions that the city offers to visitors and local people.

One of my favorites Disney’s park is Animal Kingdom. The way that it is designed and built make you feel like you are in touch with nature and culture. When you see the map of the park, you can see that it resembles the shape of the African continent. Even what is exposed in the park shows part of this culture, the animals in the Safari, the Lion King’s show, the traditional costumes of the artist. In addition to the African culture, the park shows representatives things of the Asian culture, for example, the roller coaster “Everest”.

My favorite part of the park is the new Avatar area and attractions. Even though the queues of each ride were super long (25 minutes average) it is totally worth it. The queues were designed in a way that you keeps you entertained with props and details of the movie.  The design is so accurate that you can not tell which plant or landscape is real and which one is fake. You can totally feel that you are inside the movie. The Avatar Flight of Passage ride is the most amazing experience that nobody should miss.

Emiliano Hernández


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