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After almost nine months since I’ve started my American adventure I was finally able to visit this iconic architectural landmark of Los Angeles, The Getty Center ( a campus of The Getty Museum together with another famous building – The Getty Villa, located in Pacific Palisades ) . This building was one of the first places all the locals have been recommending me from the beginning but I didn’t know much about it so it’s pretty embarrassing that it took me so long to actually visit it.


My friends from Europe were visiting Los Angeles and they really wanted to see The Getty so I finally had an opportunity to go there as well. I was impressed from the moment I entered the museum complex. The timeless design, gorgeous gardens and an amazing view are just some of the many things that have convinced me about the quality of this building. The Getty Museum is like a Louvre of Los Angeles and especially for architects, designers and people who love art, it is a must-see place while visiting the city.


The museum was designed by a well-known architect Richard Meier who was chosen to do so after the older building – The Getty Villa was already not big enough to accommodate all the exhibitions and paintings. This incredibly expensive building is located in Brentwood, north-western part of Los Angeles, on a hill with a spectacular view of the whole city and the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to its unique location 900 feet above the sea level it’s not that easy to get there, especially when you do not have a car. The entrance is located at the bottom of Santa Monica Mountains, right next to the 405 Freeway that connects LA with the Valley. Luckily you don’t have to climb the hill because there’s a tram that takes you to the top where the museum complex is situated.

It consists of five pavilions with the galleries or exhibitions and several buildings of administration, all spread around the central plaza with the fountain. The museum displays various collections of sculptures, paintings or photographs. The most famous art pieces would probably be “Irises” by Vincent van Gogh or “The Royal End” by Paul Gauguin. The landscape of the site with all the gardens and sculptures is absolutely breathtaking, especially the Cactus Garden where the visitors can spend some time relaxing or siting on the grass.

After visiting The Getty Center I have to say that it was worth all the waiting and definitely will go there again. It is one of my top 5 places in Los Angeles I have seen so far.


Matej Strbka


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