How to Meet People in a Foreign Country like the U.S.!

Starting a new life is so exciting! If you are moving to NY or LA, for example, you will realize how fast life is and how independent the people there are in consequence.

It is true that they are many cosmopolitan and tourist places so there are all kind of activities to do and different people to meet.

The good thing is you will meet people from everywhere that will enrich yourself. But where more specifically can you find them? Well, you will spend most of your time at your workplace, so it will be easiest to meet some great people there who share the same interests as you. For some though, this may not be the ideal place for socializing because they need to disconnect precisely from that daily environment but it is still a good start. But don’t get stress – if you like sports you can find some group activities to do near you or sign up for the closest gym. You can check out networking events, as people usually go alone as well so you won’t feel out of place. Look around for any cultural activities or particular activities like yoga in the park, live music, festivals…people go there to enjoy themselves so it is easy to start a friendly conversation.

Americans are generally happy and social people and mixing with them is be the best way to submerge yourself into their culture.

The most important thing is to forget all shyness and be open to the making friends with the new people that cross your path because finding the right people for you will help you start to truly feel at home in this country.

At Architect-US, we have built a Community for our participants (people of more than 20 nationalities!) with very interesting stories to tell! We care about them and make sure to put them in contact with each other once they travel to the USA, so they can meet up if they want and even support each other with such issues as finding an apartment or renting.  We are also there to help them out along their adventures. We also share latest news in our blog to inspire those who are abroad and to give them ideas of amazing events around them.

Don´t lose any time – if you have a dream GO FOR IT, and you can be one of them! You can register in our J1 Visa Program and turn your dream into a reality!



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