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5 essential tools for an architect

A few days ago, one of our future participant of our J1 Visa Program asks Architect-US team about the softwares/ programs/skills in the end architecture tools more demanded by Architecture studios and companies in the USA, so… the idea to dedicate a post to telling you about this topic came out at this precise moment.

Well, you guys know that to be an architect requires not only artistic abilities, a certain sense of taste and balance and, of course, a huge technical vision and abilities.

So, if you are thinking about to increase your competences and start your architectural professional career you need to make note of the following architecture tools:

  • Of course, the classic, an excellent command of Adobe creative suite and AutoCAD the very essential for layout production.
  • Revit will be always a plus that will bring you to the next step. This tool allows the user to design with modelling and parametric drawing elements.
  • The 3D modelling software Sketchup this complete tool integrates accessories like plugins and render and graphics mockup tools
  • Modelling tool like Rhino facilitate all possible tools for the generation of digital geometry in an intuitive way.
  • Grasshopper, the plugging of Rhinoceros that has been developed to address the lack of parametric support in Rhino.
I am sure that many of you known and control at least two of these architecture tools, but if not, encourage yourself to increase your capabilities, you will realize that will open up a wide range of possibilities and one of them could be a professional architectural experience in the USA.

By the way, if you are applying for a job and want to increase the potential of your portfolio take care of the aesthetic, train yourself on this architecture tools and don’t forget to include constructive details, these details will make the difference! Let’s build the world!



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