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Here are 4 tips to be at the “right time” for the company

I wish we could we could say that there is an exact time to apply for the position that you are looking for, but unfortunately there are several factors that come to play when doing your applications. Additionally, there are several questions that you must ask yourself so that you can make an educated decision on what the right  job opportunity is for you. However, we do recommend that you start looking for your dream job by following some of these simple rules that the team here at Architect-US has put together:

1. Put your resume online

Have your most up-to-date resume posted online in a platform like LinkedIn. Many architectural firms find themselves suddenly looking for a participant that they did not anticipate before due do a big project that has come in. So, having your resume in your profile will enable recruiters looking to hire to have easy access to you work.

2. Employers

Start making a list of some of the employers that are currently looking for someone to fill in a job position in their firm.  So do a little research on the firms that are hiring, which ones you like and why you like them, and begin building a sort of database to keep track of offers for yourself.

You can also go look at our weekly openings to see a list of employers looking for an Architect.

3. Network

It is essential that you manage your network list on LinkedIn or any other platform that you use to brand yourself. As important as it is to be looking for the top employers, you should be building a network that will get you closer to reaching out to a decision-maker in any firm. Look at their connections to see who knows who and see if you have any connections that may get you an introduction to one of these contacts.

Here are some tips to update your LinkedIn that will you land a job in the U.S..

4. Informational Interviews

This is not a tool that is commonly used but one that can help you find the job at the right time without you knowing that they are looking for a candidate. This could be an interview that you manage to book with somebody in the firm to discuss the topic of your choosing, such as additional info on the company or another relevant topic. If things are going well and there is some connection during the conversation you could try to introduce your resume into the talk.



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