Looking for a house in Asheville

Asheville has become popular over the last few years. It is not a big city, however it is growing at an incredible rate.

The city has an extraordinary amount of architecture offices. This 90.000 habitants city is growing fast. It seems that every street has at least one construction going on.

This means that finding a house is not easy neither cheap. This city it is not very different from many other North American cities. It has a small city center with a couple of high buildings mostly filled with offices or Hotels, but not so many apartments. Then, it spreads all around and instead of big blocks of living units the city is arranged in a way that the land is covered by family – houses with a private yard. This obviously implies that each person have to travel long distances in every where in order to get to work from home. Therefore, there is a great amount of roads and highways.

 Looking back in time,  it feels like I have almost never stopped  looking for a place to live. As an architect, this is very excited however as a resident it becomes a little stressful. It has happened a couple of times before that after spending long hours in front of the computer looking for a house and after finally finding what could be a perfect match, the already taken. A lot of time it feels like the houses for rent are gone the same day they get posted!
Luckily with a little bit of patience at the end I have always found a place to live in Asheville.

Juan Gaviria


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