Within the Bowery Ballroom


One of my favorite things about NYC is the wide range of concerts you could enjoy every single night. However, you need to be aware of most of them in advance because tickets (especially for the well-known ones) get sold out easily.

Finally like week I had a chance to go to theBowery Ballroom, which is one of the most trendy concert halls in the city right now. The space is amazing. Since it is located in a former theater, the style of the venue is kind of modernist. When you get in the café/ bar area you feel like in the twenties, with this warm lights and mirrors all around this radial space whose center is the bar. It is for once a “real” vintage place. Just above the café you will get to the old theater, currently transform with some pales and colorful lights that creates a great atmosphere for a live concert. Apart from being a cool space, tickets are very affordable for NY standards. The price obviously varies depending on the band but they are usually around $35-40.

Since we may consider it kind of hipster’s place, musicians attending this venue are usually indie-rock bands but their selection is usually pretty good. I went to see Shovels & Ropes and they did not let down. They are just a couple of musicians such as The White Stripes were or The Kills but with a southern folkie style. Just they two are able to play so many different instruments that their music turn out being so varied and wealthy.

It is advisable to get in their website and take a look to the coming shows because I am sure you will enjoy the one that suits you.


Claudia Conde


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