First Month at the City!

It’s almost a month since I arrived to New York City, but it seems more like a year! In this city, time flies! When I had just arrived to the city everybody said that to me and I can confirm it. Everything that you do, see or feel is more intense than in any other place. In NYC, a lot of new thing and experiences happen in a short time!

I have done so many things in just one month! I have met a lot about the american culture, people, places, food…

I am going to talk a little bit about how I spent one of the most popular event in US, Thanksgiving. It was a non typical Thanksgiving, I celebrated it with a group from all around the world, americans too. Each one brought some typical hand-made dish like: cranberry sauce, beans with bacon, mashed potatoes, the traditional pumpkin pie, I brought a tortilla de patatas and of course we cooked the turkey, what a experience!

I enjoyed that day a lot meeting the american traditions and now I have some new recipes!


thanksgiving friends


Mercedes Bernal


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