Christmas at New York

The lighting could be amazing, but sometimes coulb be hilarous because its just too much, there is no room for any more light!

This last Christmas were my first Christmas in New York. The city changed radically. Every store, street, houses, parks are plenty of lights and Christmass trees. Also there are a lot of Christmas markets in the squares or parks where you can find all types of gifts or Chsistmas decoration, I specially love Bryant Park and Union Square market.  All the city changes, so is not  just the lights or the colors it is also the arome. Christmas is everywhere and this city looks really beautiful.

The lighting could be amazing, but sometimes coulb be  hilarous because its just too much, there  is no room for any more light . Here the Christmas season is just really long, they were some houses in my neighbourhood and some stores that starting setting up all type of decoration and  lighting in November.

One thing it is true,  if you don´t like too much people dónt go shopping this days beacuse the stores are really overcrowded are the lines are crazy.

Besides that the streets are crowded of people, specially 5th av, the city have a great spirit and feel so nice walk around the city and realize how the parks changes whith the season. An where in summer it is green grass whit a lot of people enjoying the good weather  watching movies in the park or in enjoying all type the music concerts in the winter time you can enjoying doing ice-skating  or walking around the Christmas Markets, that used to play Christmas music, sometimes live music and have delicious food.

My family give an awesome Christmas gift, and I went to the Radio City Music Hall to saw ‘The Rockettes’. I really recommend it. It´s  just amazing!

Suana Escudero


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