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This week let’s talk practical. We all use our smartphones, right? Some of us use ONLY our smartphones. (#mylaptopbroke) So it’s important we got out of it everything we can. I LOVE technology and have had almost every useful app out there but since the phone memory is limited, it’s gotten to the point where I have just the basics. By that I mean, I have the usual apps that we all have + a few I’ve discovered that are now essential to my being. By the way, this is in no way sponsored by any of them (though that’d be cool) – I’m just passionate about sharing everything I love with the world! So, here are the 3 Apps you might not know of but must try and thank me later!

Google Trips

It’s the best travel planner.

  • I use this even in my hometown when I have visitors as it organizes your day to optimize your route and not have you going around the same places if you don’t have time for that.
  • It let’s you download the map and all the attractions in that city for offline use, so no more wasting mobile data for looking at the map and googling on every location.
  • It gives you information about the general ways of transport to and from airports, stations and important places and the aproximate prices of each option.
  • It gives you information about the places you choose to visit – opening times, entrance fees, customer reviews.


Fun and useful facts.

Everyday you get 5 facts in images. You click on them and can read more on the topic and see videos about it. It’s helps you learn about the world, and you can choose the topics you are most interested in. There’s much about the wonders of nature, science, medicine, inventions, psychology, and so on. It takes about 5 minutes to go through all the facts of the day, but I usually end up scrolling for much more, going down the rabbithole of random but amazing facts. Added bonus: GREAT conversation starters. If you talk to me for half an hour on any topic, I’ll probably quote Curiosity at least once!


If you consider yourself a traveller like myself, this is the app with all the notifications turned on. I’ve tried all their competition, but the truth is there’s no other one that compares this many airlines and tracks the actually best deals. I browse the “Explore top deals” section every day on the bus – sometimes I end up booking flights by the time I get off on my stop! You know how they say travelling enriches you? Well, sometimes it also umm en-poor-s you so it’s great to know you have caught the best deal and you fly off for the price of your weekly grocery shopping.


Best way to get around. Sorry, Google, but Citymapper gives you so many more options than walking, car or public transport. AND it’s public transport live updates are super impressive. Ok, maybe I’m also falling for their friendly vibe and simple, yet fun interface. You know how they measure walking distance in Spain (aside from the usual calories)? How many churros o patatas bravas or cups of sangria that amounts to. Impressive, right?!

I hope you like these types of posts! If you do, comment this post on our Facebook page and tell us your favorite apps! I promise I’ll check them out!



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