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Broadway Shows – The Lion King

Walking through the Theater District can be an intimidating task. Which show should I go see? There are so many great shows to choose from!

My choice: The Lion King.

We had front row seats. It was amazing, but even so, they take over the entire auditorium so any seat would have been great.

Story-line is pretty much what you see in the movie but the cast and costumes are insanely good! The costumes were unbelievable. How they managed to turn humans into animals and make them move as one, making you forget there are people making them move around. Before every scene, I kept wondering how they were going to portray certain parts from the movie, and the way they did everything was very unique.

The music was absolutely beautiful, I could feel all of their emotions with their voices and expressions.

From each scene of the movie they had the most gorgeous special effects.

This show even brought tears to my eyes as the memories of my childhood came to mind.

Although tickets are fairly expensive, I think the show was well worth it. The actors were so incredibly talented… The lion king is definitely one to see!

Denisse Gerard

Intern at JMAPCNew York

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