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Meet Motivation and Make her Stay

Let’s try a different way of viewing Motivation. It’s not just about a feeling – it’s about a relationship.

Meet Motivation – she is simply the best. (I assume Motivation is a she because why not and also #womenempowerment.) Anyway, let’s talk about her and her role in our life.

Every now and again we all fall in love with her. She gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning, to do with a smile what we otherwise wouldn’t and to see everything in technicolor. But then we get acustomed to her being around and although we don’t forget about her existence, we do not acknowledge her. It doesn’t seem like a big deal at the time but things get worse and pretty soon we meet and welcome in her enemies – Discontent, Apathy and even Depression. We blame this on the circumstances, on peer pressure or on injustice but the reasons don’t matter. We wine and dine those negative feelings until our dear Motivation feels so unwanted in our life that she goes on vacation. Then we can’t just turn to her and pull her close – we have to go after her, chase her and beg her to come back. So how do we make her stay before it’s too late? As is the case with all relationships, this one also requires some purposefully conscious efforts.

The real problem stems from the fact that we perceive Motivation as the origin or consequence of happiness and success. That’s not wrong, but she is also the GOAL. Being motivated equals being successful equals being happy. Aren’t I right? There is no way to love what you do unless you are motivated to be motivated. Let’s see how we can achieve that.

There’s nothing innovative and unheard of that will change your life and make you an eternal ray of sunshine. However, there are some simple acts that can invite Motivation into your day and to stay.

Find your Spark

Of course, nothing outside of you can make you burn with passion for what you are doing but there must be something that ignites your spark. For me it’s music. A good song can make me walk the hallway like a runway or make me run like I’m in a videogame. I find Motivation in inspiring lyrics and a good beat so I have several go-to Spotify playlists – one for when I’m learning, one for when I’m working, one for when I’m getting ready for a night out in town, one for when I’m heading to the gym… Maybe your spark are tear-jerking rags-to-riches autobiographical books, short videos on Facebook, drama-filled movies or just grabbing coffee with you best friend. Whatever you do today, test whether it might be your spark. Find it soon and reach for it often. Motivation might be hiding from you on the top of a mountain or in the midst of the sea, but don’t give up until you find her.

Don’t Let your Friends Scare her Off

Let’s talk about peer pressure. Have you ever liked a girl A LOT but then your friends meet her and… they don’t like her that much. So they give you their honest opinion and now you no longer see her as before, although you’re trying to. Motivation isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, even though there’s no good explanation why not. Anyhow, while you and her might be on the best of terms, try to protect your relationship from everyone else. Much like a romantic relationship, the less people know about it – the better. The most successful people are those who don’t listen to others. There are jealous types, ever-complaining types, plain pessimists and all of these will scare your sweet Motivation away, so choose which one you prefer to have around. You can’t have both.

Think about why you need Motivation

Think small. I know we live in a world of inspirational posters about thinking big, but let’s put that aside for a moment. Remember that a big dream is made up of a thread of small goals. So focus on that because if your dream is to be the boss of a huge company, Motivation may soon forsake you as that dream is too far away and you’ll forget her along the way. Consider making a difference in your workplace now – she will help you be dedicated to your current tasks and deadlines while you work towards becoming an associate. Remember to remember thinking about Motivation herself. While you’re doing something you don’t enjoy, think about her and how great you feel when she’s around and you’ll notice a difference in your attitude because sometimes we simply forget that we need her.

Basically, she’s only be a thought away from recharging your energy, boosting your mood and giving you wings to fly over the obstacles on the way to your success



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