Spring in Portland

There is not much to visit in Portland, but I can tell that it’s such a nice city to live in.

Finally some warm nights out of San Francisco!! No, really no need of a jacket for the night, but after living in San Francisco for 2 years and a half I no longer believe in “warm day = warm night”… So I stupidly carried the whole weekend 2 extra jackets, just in case, that I never used!

I took advantage of a 3 days weekend to fly to Portland and visit the city for the first time.

Planning this trip at the last time, the only Airbnb place available was quite far away from downtown but it was actually such a nice area to explore. We were staying in the east part of Hawthorne, so where it starts to be residential, beautiful area. I was lucky to be there on a very warm and sunny weekend and as I was first heading to my Airbnb, my first impression was: “This city is so bright, so green and full of flowers!” People there are actually always complaining about the bad weather.

There is not much to visit in Portland, but I can tell that it’s such a nice city to live in. There is a bunch of nice restaurants, breweries, and hikes all around the city. Our hosts were telling us about the Washington Park and the Rose Garden, so we went there thinking it would be done very quickly and so we would have time to have a nap and read for a while.

Starting the hike from the opposite part of the park it ended up to be a very long and tiring hike. We were just trying to find the Rose Garden that was supposed to be in the Washington Park… after 3-4 hours hiking in a forest we realized that we were actually out of the park. But not so bad news, we actually arrived at the Pittock Mansion, not planned at all in our hike, but at the top of the West Hill this spot has a stunning view on Downtown Portland. Ok, Google map says 40 minutes to get to the Rose Garden, let’s do it and let’s call it a day! We finally arrived at the Rose Garden… so disappointing, the roses were barely in bloom!

We definitely deserved a fresh beer on a rooftop!

Emmanuelle Brien


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